Youtube announcing the new features of the most influential users and surprisingly Instagram revealed the news.

A great news for the Youtube channel creator, they can earn more money form their videos but the ability to sell alongside their videos for using paid memberships.

Recently Google-owned platform announced the two amazing feature for the channel creator to help earn more money.

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Youtube creator get these updates from the two significant forms of additional revenue without advertising.

Unfortunately, widely isn’t available now its beta tester mode, Surprisingly tomorrow it will be available to any kind of U.S, a base channel which one at least 10,000 subscribers.

The E-commerce platform partnership with the company and the channel owner sell branded of Phone Cases, T-Shirts, mugs and so on.

Youtube won’t cut of commodities percentage but its charge for the flat fee per product. While Youtube says the profitable opportunity for the creators.

Youtuber Josue Slice continuous earn more than $1 million in 18 days just only using beta tester mode.

In Addition, Youtube announced for the channel creator sell paid memberships to their channels, open anyone channel but at least 100,000 subscribers. The subscriber let pay $4.99 a month per perks for channel memberships.

Youtube testing all of the features use some time with a small group (previously known as the feature as a Sponsorships).

The perk themselves up to for the creator, including the custom emoji and badges attractive special access to live streams and videos or shout in the video. The feature enhances widely in coming months.

YouTube made a new feature to make money without ads |

At last, Youtube transpired a new feature called “premieres,” which can help to build up Youtubers pre-recorded videos, in the same way, do live streams, with the Premieres, YouTubers can do schedule pre-videos with the same way a live stream scheduled.

In the premiere way set a schedule to create a landing page for viewers can direct ahead on the time, also they can enjoy watching the video in the scheduled time and as like a live stream, during the video, everyone can participate in a real-time video and chatting with each other.

The creators get the advantage of opening up the additional revenue opportunities, like that Super Chat, hopefully, it’s previously available to the live streams.

In YouTube, these updates send to an important message to the company care about the users who make money off their channels.

However, the new feature makes to the smaller creators who’ve been frustrated about the news of the company has made its advertising policies.

In the earlier year, YouTube made a change of prevents advertising on the channels who can fewer than 1,000 subscribers.

The company’s announcement comes with just one day later Instagram transpired IGTV.

The important news for YouTube that premiers and merchandising and also channel memberships. The Instagram IGTV dedicated services for the Youtube videos channels.

According to the Instagram, IGTV doesn’t offer influencers many opportunities to make money for their full effort work, it will help to creators to monetize their videos in the future.

YouTube fully announced the new feature and it’s pretty clear message “ we offer the best way to earn actually make money.”


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