Your Gmail is safe form the anonymous eyes Google says |

Google says Your Gmail is safe form the anonymous eyes

Google would like you to know when you access Gmail no one without your permission analyze it, though it may be true, it’s not simple.

The Wall Street Journal publishes a report on Monday and explains it how third-party developer might access your email on Gmail, Tuesday Google responded with a blog post that the company takes to secure of your email with privacy and security within the service.

This post signed by Director or Security Suzanne Frey and trust and privacy of Google cloud, except that the Google allow the third-party developers who can access your Gmail message, but when you granted them to permission, and it being pass after a strict review process.

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According to Frey “Before a published non-app developer access your Gmail messages, it goes through multi-step review process including automated and manual reviews process of the developer, after complete review process segment assessment of the app’s privacy policy and homepage to ensure it is a lawful app, the testing app start to work.”

The WSJ’s report claims to the Google that it work like police developer, which some cases their employees reads some emails. According to the report the Return Path company read about 8,000 users emails two years ago.
The third-party firms sharing users data with common knowledge after it was exposed that the Facebook’s third-party apps which collect harvest massive amount of user data for using their own purpose.

Google has been slight careful than Facebook when it comes to protecting your privacy. As an example, in 2017 the company stopped using contents of the user Gmail on Gmail to personalize its ads back.

But if you’re not careful to your Gmail permission to the third-party apps, technically your email could fall into the wrong hands, to verify your Gmail account and check which third-party apps allowed to access on your Gmail go to “myaccount” and check “Apps with account access” area.

Frey post and point out “no Google employee reads your Gmail.” There are exemptions of the rule, According to the company these include “very specific incident cases where you ask to and give contest or even a security purposes we are going to investigating a bug or abuse.”

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