iPhone X look or Xiaomi Mi 8 edition look like same, the version of glass back comes with stunning phone quality.

Last month it was announced with the some of the controversies of the Mi 8. While its truly back again some of the powerful hardware components such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset with the powerful speed capacity.

Some of the tellings about the Xiaomi just copied version of iPhone X. But I can tell you what is real or fake.

As smartphone companies always try to provide the better technologies product and nowadays its very similar to glass, metal sandwich with a screen of the notch.

The companies race are ongoing to crack their own competitor to provide the better quality of tool on their own product.

Look at the Oneplus, the devices are truly impressible, it comes with two variants color Midnight Black and Silk white and another impressive look of the OnePlus 6 phones glass back a matte, frosted finish.

The other phone maker likes Xiaomi and HTC same looking. HTC’s U12+ and Xiaomi Mi 8 explore the edition same clear glass backs.

In fact, some of the most popular gadgets same of the hardware of the Apple devices, so wouldn’t mind about this trend, who doesn’t like transparent cases and gadgets? Apple iMac, Nintendo’s Game boy color and the Nintendo color mind-blowing.

So badly people want to talks to each other about the transparent gadgets. If you are one of them then at least check out transparent Nintendo Switch.

The people ideology and thinking about the Mi8 transparent design totally wrong. If you can see the real part of this phone like the battery, chips aren’t actual components.

As an Engadget noted that look like the RF shields with fake chips to give us the unique and relevant design from this product.

Xiaomi spokesperson couldn’t confirm about this matter, the company pointed out that didn’t technically ever say about the real chips.

In another side of the design of Mi 8 comes with one mobile innovation than the other smartphone hasn’t. A pressure sensitive in display fingerprint sensor.

Another smartphone maker, like Vivo, it’s the first regular in-display fingerprint sensor phone in the market.

But according to the Xiaomi director of product management and marketer Donovan Sung told about Mi 8, the edition of the phone pressure-sensitive sensor can provide better performance because of that it isn’t sucking up the power of lighting on the screen.

The Vivo phones with a display sensor and the gorgeous OLED screen can change the look around your phone display up to pixel version your fingerprint and authenticate. But the MI 8 Explore Edition, in the display sensor work when it detects pressure.

As a Vivo phone same things working on the various phones, if you’re used Huawei P20 Pro, Oneplus 6 or LG G7 ThinQ.

There’s a notch- a large number of scall! And there’s related to the chin! But you are probably not. Even I didn’t notice them after a few seconds.

The overall this condition wise it pretty fast. The Snapdragon 845 chip with 8GB of RAM is a great combination of performance and stabilities.

I can’t say how well the dual cameras of the rear side. But according to the sung, the phones received a higher DXOMark score (99) compare to iPhone X (97). I’ll have to wait to try the phones camera performance takes some quality photos and videos.

I can try to find this phones, but hopefully, it won’t be available in the U.S. the story about the all of Xiaomi phones same. And that’s the real shame.

When Xiaomi starts selling its phones on the U.S. the more heat provide the company like Apple and Samsung to more daring with their phones designs quality. I can’t wait.

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