According to Wang Xiang vice president of Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant who makes MI role smartphones, its just break into the U.S. market, and it’s just looking at next year as a starting point.

Wang told, “we hope next year we can do something massive in the U.S. market.”

But, Chinese smartphone sells on U.S.A. market, it’s going to be a challenge.
Huawei and Xiaomi had big plans for growth into U.S. market. Huawei was planning to big push into America, with the complete carrier announcements at the CES 2018. But before the show AT &T reputedly pulled out of the deal after Trump leadership made clear their position opposite to the Chinese tech companies energizing in the U.S. market.

What happened to the Huawei competitor to Xiaomi

Incapable to strike a deal with any U.S. carriers with U.S. politicians calling for a ban on the company’s products due to national security affairs, but still Huawei has no deal with carrier partner to sell its phones.

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It’s not only for Huawei, other Chineses mobile companies hit to the roadblock after their own effort to make it inroad in U.S. market, and in some cases, it’s been calamitous. Earlier this week ago FCC blocked to China Mobile for doing business in the U.S. The American companies provide forbade ZTE and the going through punishment with trade sanction violations. Moreover, the U.S. president Trump stepped in promised to help the Chinese smartphone company.

With all these difficulties mind, Xiaomi is sounding confident. Wang said “We don’t see any reason for us to enter into that political problem,” we have a strong relationship with Qualcomm, where he preferred for as a former executive and Google. Wang also point out that Xiaomi fundamental, that totally different for ZTE and Huawei, it makes the product only for the consumer market, though its build two latter side network infrastructure.

Xiaomi has found success in the European market. Last two years the company rolled out in a few countries across Europe, With the supplementary country launches in the works, in the current atmosphere, a successful launch in the U.S. would be a lot of harder. But if Xiaomi pulls it off, it could open up a great thing for the company.


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