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Xiaomi announces MIUI 11 is coming soon in 2019

The Chinese Tech giant Xiaomi isn’t a beginner to the smartphone industry. The tech manufacturer is already known to making the affordable devices with the flagship model and besides of Android One devices, Xiaomi continuously released MIUI operating system devices.

The company’s latest innovation MIUI 10 that was released last year in June and company’s next focused on making a full – screen experiences model with system optimizations features.

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According to the recent report from Xiaomi, over 300 million users happily use MIUI 10 and besides of that 40 different kinds of models that already supported to the stable version of MIUI.

Same as stock Android, MIUI also gets an update every year to their customers. Without any announcement, we’ll see the MIUI 11 in 2019. Just recently Xiaomi declares the MIUI 11 development of the ROM already started.

According to the Liu Ming, head of the product planning department of Xiaomi, the new MIUI just ongoing development stage and it will come with a unique OS, a completely redesigned operating system that provides the best experience to all Xiaomi users. Basically, the company changing MIUI Core Experience function.

Hopefully, currently, there is no information about the released date or the device accessibility. Just we’ll imagine that the all Xiaomi going to a massive system update. Surely, we’ll update new development MIUI 11 OS.


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