The most popular Chinese brand Xiaomi launches many more smartphones without a headphone jack, the users find another option that model comes with a headphone jack.

In the case of Bluetooth headphones, USB-C is comfortable with it, but it’s not only one solution for everyone who wants or needs.

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones come with a reasonable price |
Image Courtesy: Xda Developers

Bluetooth headphones are expensive and USB-C earphones in the same way. Moreover, now Xiaomi is launching wireless earphones call Xiaomi AirDots, the Bluetooth earphones come with a reasonable price on November 11th. The price of the headphone probably 199 Yuan, around $28.

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Beside of that Xiaomi is known that their company especially for smartphone and tablet devices, they also a wide range consumer circle with a cheaper price range out of the competition.

The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 are published for the amazing quality and cost around $25. On the AirDots,  Xiaomi is keeping the reputation of the company.

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones come with a reasonable price |
Image Courtesy: Xda Developer

The AirDots is supporting Bluetooth 5.0, which means they shouldn’t low the power at all and maintain a perfect connection. If you’re a Chinese then you can stock the Xiaomi AirDots now, although there is no perfect information on wide release yet.

It’s expected that you’ll purchase from the AliExpress in the future though you’re really curious about getting them before wide launch.

The Xiaomi AirDots up to 5 hours battery with mono audio and 4 hours in stereo. If that’s not enough for you, so you can also use another case for additional battery, totally it can adjust 10 hours battery.

I think that not bad for the wireless earphones, and the company also promise it to provide good audio quality with less cost.

Recently, Xioami launched in Ireland and plans to launch in the UK soon. Possibly we’ll see the original AirDots of both countries.

The upcoming event in the US the Chinese smartphone giant probably expose something big. Although, it may not launch now when it launches it’s create something different environment.


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