The software giant Microsoft has developed and testing Windows Defender Application guard on Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla Firefox Extension for better protection of your PCs.

The new feature used on Microsoft Edge browser exclusively, the PCs safe by the operating system with included administrated trusted sites.

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In this feature protect your PC from the attackers or malicious programs that totally damage your PCs for a long time.

Wherever the extension can be downloaded from the browsers or separate stores, the Windows Defender for Chrome and Firefox browser won’t perform well without the help of Microsoft Edge.

If it regulates that the URL isn’t in the trusted list, so it will open in a remote Edge session. Moreover, any kind of clicked that remote session will launch in a genuine browser if it’s trusted website.

If you are using this feature, make sure Windows Defender companion application from the Microsoft Store and the browser particular extension must be installed. Though it will finally have a wide release once it’s complete then it officially releases.


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