Snapchat is starting to increasing look better than Facebook to launch the game.

In a strange twist of the events, now it looks like embracing strategy that’s unlike to the Facebook.

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According to the recent report of the latest sign into the Snap plans to launch a gaming platform inside of its app.

The main things how it would work, but the main impression is that Snap allows the developer to create a game that users play inside of the Snapchat. But the platform could be launch to decline.

The spokesperson of the Snap rejected to the comment but recently the company made to the gaming platform with others.

The company initiated playable lenses which play mini-games according to your face, called Snappables. Officially Snapchat opened its app to the third-party developers just two weeks ago.

Most remarkable is that the all of Facebook’s strategy almost decade to ideas and creative works. In 2007 the social networking platform Facebook launched, which let to the developer their staging apps into Facebook.

Later gaming took with the developer like Zynga reaping that the benefits as go viral hits over like Farmville became equivalent with the Facebook.

While the company moves away to the strategy of all those game notifications began to feel spammy. In the vital moment of this company the popularity of those games, indubitable fueled a lot of engagement.

Moreover, if Snap can get developers to create a similar of sticky games, it could also give the company a much-needed boost.

Naturally, Snap gone out of its way to make a point that it’s not like Facebook. Evan Spiegel CEO of Snap has publically announced Facebook’s privacy practices and also Snap promised to its developer platform isn’t at risk of unknowingly leaking any user data to third-parties.

Still, it’s difficult not to draw analogies between the two companies strategies. After all its faults, once upon a time gaming was benefited for the Facebook, and it could be the same for the Snap.

Even Wall Street appeared gingerly optimistic about the move, as the Snap slightly following the report from the information.

It’s not for Facebook, there are other reasons why learn about gaming strategy may be it a smart move for Snap.

Besides increase the engagement with the current users, who would have the excuse to spend more of time in Snapchat, it could be extremely profitable.

Similarly, mobile games bring in a whole lot of money. If Snap can publish to make exclusive games for the Snapchat spinoff popular title, it could be a massive hit with the Snapchat’s users.

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