Apple MacOS Mojave is now available for some of MacBook but MacBook is perfect for the new updated macOS Mojave.

Apple suggests to Mac users switch their device to the latest Mojave and enjoy the new dark mode feature with gets the awesome latest feature.

If you haven’t Mojave, you can download this software click here, and enjoy the awesome experience.

Moreover, although Mojave does have some strict compatibility system requirements, actually this means you need a perfect model of computer for Mojave software.

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This message really feels dissatisfaction after download and installing time a message says “This version of macOS cannot be installed on this computer.”

After the second time, you just try again and you fail the second time. So I just share the perfect model that you can install Mojave on your Mac without any failure tension.

List of Mac that perfectly works with Mojave

macs are perfect with latest MacOS Mojave |
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This is really disappointing moment, when your computer is supported by the latest Mojave then it’s perfect otherwise prepare for a new computer.

Here is the different kind of Mac model which adjustable with the latest Mojave.


MacBook came with compatibility and delightful design, you will require a MacBook from early from 2015 or later to use Mojave. Actually, this is the most harish compatibility requirement for all Mac models.

MacBook Air

You have MacBook Air from mid-2012 or later, so congratulation you are able to download Mojave without trouble.

MacBook Pro

As same as MacBook Air Pro model from mid-2012 or later, so you also download Mojave with fine mode but if you’re using a MacBook Pro earlier time then you’re bad.

Mac mini

Apple also introduces a new version of 2018 Mac mini and you’re using this version then no problem but if you’re using an earlier version of Mac mini then some wrong.


You’re using iMac from late-2012 or late to download Mojave, so some compatibility problems may be pretty common with iMacs, though it strongly provides to longevity and you’re though better than your expectation.

iMac Pro

Thanks to Apple, the iMac Pro recently release it, and successfully all iMac Pro is compatible with Mojave.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro release from late-2013 or later for Mojave. Moreover, the Mac Pro mid-2010 and mid-2012 model can work perfectly if you have upgraded to the Metal-capable graphics card.

Mac RAM and Storage space requirements

The model is really but didn’t forget about storage requirements. In the case of Mojave, it takes some extra space by providing new features when you’re switching over. So, if you’ve been using too much time on your computer and don’t have enough storage left, make sure to pay to Mojave requirements parts.

At least 2GB of memory:

Shutdown recent applications and obviously browsers before you start the download, you should be fine after using this process.

Probably 12.5GB of available storage:

In every MacBook “About the Mac” section, there’s a tab for “Storage” that you can check presently available storage of your Mac. In case you don’t have enough, so it the time for deleting media of app that you don’t need.

Special for old OS requirements:

At the present moment you’re still using Mac OS X Yosemite or an earlier version of the Mac operating system, so you need extra available space storage like 18.5GB because your Mac has a lot of updating and adding more new things, so more space sincerely require. You have made any full OS updates surely your security problems will go.

Don’t miss back up your data

macs are perfect with latest MacOS Mojave |

At the end please don’t forget to back up your data, when you trying to upgrade to Mojave, you might be losing your data.

So the best way back up your data. Actually, it’s just the easiest way to back up your large amount of data, using Time Machine and use an external hard drive.

On the other hand, if you have a small amount of data and that’s really important so confidently store those files in iCloud instead to save time.


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