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WhatsApp will pay to researcher for study fake news

Facebook throwing money at another massive fake news problem.

In this time the company offers to researchers as much as $50,000 in interchange for studying the extent of fake news on WhatsApp.

The new extension announcement comes after the Indian government blamed the message services for its role spread false information to a series of mob violence in the country.

Under the new leadership, the researcher whose proposals are approved to $50,000 for studying various aspect of disinformation on WhatsApp, including the viral content and election-related issues.

The company writes to its announcement that “WhatsApp commission set a competitive award to researchers that interested in probing issues related to misinformation on WhatsApp.”

Also said, “We will sincerely consider the proposal for any social science and technological viewpoint that the proposed projects improve our understanding of the problem of misinformation on WhatsApp.”

The company says the researcher will receive “leadership” form the company, they will not be given access to WhatsApp data.

Accosting the spread of the fake news (or misinform in Facebook-speak) has become the progressively urgent issue for WhatsApp. While the spread of the fake news on the main Facebook app attracted notice from the U.S. media and lawmakers, the spread of the false information on WhatsApp has been particularly harmful in India.

According to the Washington Post report the problem has gotten so bad that a government-executed “rumor-busting announcer,” and the last week it was killed to warn locals dangerous of fake news.

India’s Ministry of Electronic wrote in the statement earlier this week “the innocent people have been noticed recently because of the larger number of careless and explosive messages filled with rumors and incitement is being broadcast on WhatsApp.”

The Government has no doubt about WhatsApp, it must be taken quick action to end this threaten and ensure that their platform is not used such as malafide actions.

The good news regarding this topic recently rolled out a new control setting for WhatsApp that means it easier to control a large amount of public group’s any of the posted content handled by administrators.


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