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WhatsApp VP assure that the Ads coming on WhatsApp status section

Now popular messaging company WhatsApp starting ads.

Recently WhatsApp publications a comment on India. Chris Daniels Vice President of WhatsApp assure about the popular messaging app that nearly status ads coming like Snapchat app in the Status section.

We also knew that the longer the social giant Facebook is planning on WhatsApp ads, sincerely co-founder Brain Action who just left the company in 2017, the other hand Facebook said, eventually the plans implement as ads before completed its acquisition of the service.

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A news for the users who’ve been using the app for a long time make sure remember the Facebook acquisition, that probably charge from users as $1 per year.

The messaging platform WhatsApp making free and extremely increasing the number of users, besides that Facebook also discuss a various time for monetizing the app.

These evidently include ads on the Status bar to maintain analytics or its charge fee after the certain number of messages. Form the Daniel comment suggest that the company has persistent on the former.

Unluckily, we don’t know what the exact time the ads will arrive. According to the report, the company will roll out probably next year, but it’s only a matter of time.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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