WhatsApp tests a new anti-spam feature to identify the suspicious link

WhatsApp may soon have a new weapon in the fight against the treacherous form of the spam.

The most popular messaging app is now testing a new feature that can identify suspicious link within messages and cautions users before they click, the company’s reporter confirmed the testing report.

The new feature proposed at a particular type of exploit favored by the spammers and phishers. Although, the links of the URLs using other alphabets fortunately that look similar to other letters.

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For the example, the URL in the message looks like a link to whatsapp.com in below, but you notice that the “w” character is actually a primarily different letter (make sure note small dot under the w).

WhatsApp tests a new anti-spam feature to identify the suspicious link | roboticplanet.co

This unique technique, known as called an “IDN homograph attack,” it is casually used by spammers and in phishing attacks and can be especially effective if you’re not paying close to notice.

With the new feature, WhatsApp will appear a red “suspicious link” for user safety, users can easily identify what is the suspicious link and what’s not.

Particularly, the feature will work regardless of the languages in the app. But the company notes that the link checks don’t affect any existing privacy settings.

A spokesperson said in a statement “if you want to protect your privacy, then checks on your device, because of that end-to-end encryption WhatsApp can’t identify the content of your messages.”

On Thursday, the link alert feature rolls out on the WhatsApp beta tester. The coming test updates meant to conflict fake news and misinformation.

Surprisingly, the messaging app has also added new admin controls for group chats and same as to the forwarded messages.

These features along with the ad campaigns and is designed to help WhatsApp’s  1 billion users better recognize fake news, hoaxes, and other false reports that can extend via the messaging app.


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