WhatsApp wants to fight the stretch of fake news- and that means a meaning full changes are coming to its app.

On Tuesday, the company declared it’s adding levels to forwarded messages so users can better identify gossips, fake news and other false information that spreads via the messaging app.

With this new update, the forwarded messages will have a small “forwarded” level, comparable to forwarded email messages, signifying the note was originally written by someone other than the sender.

It may seem like a significant update, but the company says about this matter- people identify fake news and the other types of misinforming. Obviously, the company wrote a blog that “WhatsApp cares deeply about your safety. We encourage you to think before sharing messages that were forwarded.”

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In India, the Facebook-owned app has a great deal with security in recent months over spreading false information about a serious of the violent incident. The government caution about the local fake news and it killing a “rumor Buster.”

Last week India’s Electronic Ministry sent a strongly worded caution to the company and asking to take it to immediate action on the issue.

Also, WhatsApp has replied with new features, including new admin controls for the group messages, In the same way, a bigger leadership to study fake news. Now the apps are also taking the first position of a newspaper such as a breaking news and advertisement in India to warn users not to trust forwarded messages.



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