The instant messaging platform WhatsApp recently released a new feature to all its Android users called Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. The new amazing feature had been under the testing for a few months and finally, the users can use it by updating new WhatsApp application through the Google Play Store.

What is really PiP mode?

On your WhatsApp application when you click a video link that sent by someone, instantly the system triggers the corresponding app to open. In this new PiP feature, you can watch the videos in a box over the chat window, without tapping multiple recent buttons.

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How does PiP mode work?

The WhatsApp’s new feature PiP works with third-party video apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumbler more. At first, you can confirm whether the media support PiP (or not) by focusing the blurred thumbnail and as well as the platform logo.

if it’s present, you’re lucky your content supports PiP. You can do this process by a tap on the thumbnail or link to open the media in a hovering box.

Surprisingly, the WhatsApp PiP feature mode first appeared on WhatsApp beta, the company tested the new feature first after that it is released as a stable version.

If you’re using stable version and wishes to check the feature, at first you move to WhatsApp beta version just click here and move to WhatsApp beta tester.

Moreover, WhatsApp beat is sometimes facing bugs and crashes so, aware what you’re getting into. Another side, if you’re tensed about this matter then don’t move WhatsApp beta, keep some patience after a few months later WhatsApp stable will release next update.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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