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WhatsApp limit forward message enable to globally

The fake news of WhatsApp enhanced the world and other social media Facebook discuss a lot of time last year. The issue is all about WhatsApp releasing ads to aware the users for fake news.

WhatsApp starting in India its first ads with a limiting forward feature just like five members at a moment. Although, the WhatsApp feature was rolled out only for Indian users now it rolling out for global users.

According to the WhatsApp, the discussion of limit forward messages to the five chats has been taken widely after the user’s response.

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WhatsApp latest version will allow the users can forward maximum five of people at a glance. This kind of changes maintains the private messaging level rather than sharing the fake news.

From the company, “WhatsApp carefully judged this test and observe the users feedback over a six-month period. As well as the forward limit message considerably reduced across the world. At this moment all users can forward only five chats at once on the WhatsApp latest version, which will help to keep WhatsApp rapidly focused on the private message on your private contacts. We’ll continuously observe the users feedback and their experience over the time.”

The other hand, last year July WhatsApp is set a restriction to the forward feature after the fake news viral in India and making a nervous zone over the areas. That time, according to the WhatsApp research that the Indian users forward more messages and videos out of the market in the world.

The latest version of WhatsApp will enable this restriction and it starts with fake news notice on the instant messaging platform.

Besides that last year, WhatsApp also rolled out a ‘Suspicious Link Indicator’ feature that also detects the suspicious links before they are opened. Another feature of the messaging platforms like when users click such link then the user easily identify fake and factual news pieces.

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