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WhatsApp launch artist-design sticker packs soon

If you’re WhatsApp users you must notice that WhatsApp already emoji, animated GIFs, camera feature status with group video calling and many more added in their messenger. Now the company adding feature packs list with some of artist-design.

I think this is the new method of WhatsApp that without words always looking for a new and fun way to communicate with your friend circle. The third-party sticker packs have been added on support areas that allowing to developer across the world.

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This thing is possible because of the new invention of WhatsApp sticker app available for both device Android and iOS. The sticker app simply publishes on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Probably stickers feature section also available in WhatsApp app, make sure update your WhatsApp app. Besides that, you also achieve more knowledge about creating stickers to click here.

According to the recent report, stickers for iOS and Android will be available in the coming weeks.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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