The instant messaging platform WhatsApp now finally upgrade its advanced search feature, a lot of WhatsApp users just frustrated because their demanding old messages don’t appear on WhatsApp platform.

According to the recent report from WABetaInfo, now developed an advanced search tool and soon it will available for WhatsApp users.

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Alongside the advanced search feature has been spotted in the iOS beta version and surprisingly the iPhone users will see the advance search feature before the Android users

Also, the WABetaInfo reported WhatsApp advance search feature on Android device will come after iPhone device.

Unluckily, the amazing feature is still earlier stage of development, which means WhatsApp for iOS TestFlight beta program still can’t access. And the report clearly indicates the advanced search feature is on the way.

WhatsApp finally upgrade advanced search feature 

Image Courtesy: WABetaInfoThe other hand WhatsApp advance search feature will be different from the basic search, first of all, the advanced search feature will allow you to share various kind of things, it can allow you type a message with include Photos, GIFs, Videos, Documents, Audio, and Links.

Besides that, the advanced search feature will show how many messages you’re typing and it will automatically save in your WhatsApp storage.

Another attractive of the new advanced search feature is the ability to click on the different type of message and open up a list of that particular type of message. For example, if you just click any photos and similarly you’ll see a bunch of different type of photos that you’ve received, including previews.

The WABetaInfo also reports another preview option that is voice notes, it’s now on working condition when the advanced search feature will rollout then all of the advanced search feature available to your devices.

Although WhatsApp advance search feature is still development condition when it’s rolled out with a bunch of new amazing features then WhatsApp is the best-advanced search functionality app across all of the major messaging apps around the world.


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