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WhatsApp discover a new Private Reply feature for Android users

Last year WhatsApp was working on Private Reply feature. Though the feature show on the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows phone users only just for similar of time.

After all the feature is now ultimately rolled out to the Android users. Actually, only the beta version of WhatsApp users use Private Reply feature for now.

Although, the feature is now on beta version but surely stable version coming soon. Also, the feature is now available in the latest WhatsApp version 2.18.335 beta.

The advantage of the latest feature primarily allows you to send messages secretly to a group participant without showing other group members.

The report from Wabetainfo WhatsApp beta version 2.18.335 is buggy and also crashes the app when you try to delete a document in the chat. So if you alert before you download this update make sure your app hasn’t harmful.

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Already WhatsApp has permitted this feature to users individually reply into the group. The new Private Reply feature is best for the group chat who are using message individually into the group.

You can easily send a message privately to the group member using this feature without nocking other members.

The Private Reply feature using process just simply, go the group chat and long press the members’ name whom you reply privately, also the right top corner of window tap on three dots, and hit privately and write your secret message.

Instantly your message will drop into the personal chat of that person. The feature really helpful and amazing for the group member who’s secretly messaged to another group member.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp recently added other Swipe to Reply feature for Android users, iPhone user also has the feature. The function of the feature just simply swiping right of the chat and replying. Earlier, you had use long press message process and hit on the reply button top of the screen.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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