The instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ turned ten years old, and the company is highlighting some key of milestones along the way.

WhatsApp launched on February 24, 2009, with its location sharing on its first upgraded in June 2010.

On 2011 the company saw, the platform also hitting a new record of the billion messages sent later that year.

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Besides that WhatsApp was added voice message functionality in 2013 and a year before the company reached 500M active users and it was purchased by Facebook.

Another feature of WhatsApp launched in 2015 with the desktop app and video calling feature added in 2016. That was the earlier year when the company switched to end-to-end encryption and surprisingly hit a billion of active monthly users.

The other hand in 2017 saw usage of billion users and a month to a billion users a day with the status feature.

Lastly, we got the group video calling and stickers in 2018 with WhatsApp Business app. Before releasing another feature like Face ID/Touch ID in this year the company doesn’t actually mention that one.



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