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Web 3.0 Explanation: How to detach from old Internet to New Web protocol

Past couple of years all of the discoveries made by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks such as other agencies, it was clear that the large corporations can’t available no longer time with trusted sensitive customer data.

Moreover, increase the blockchain system many of developers now discover new creation called “technological backstops” that can work to exclude many of the security vulnerability, that we’re faced today.

Web 2.0 is Also Dead

As we know that today web 2.0 has modified into something that is unfocused and controlled with interest of corporations, that probably pretty much facilitate of the private data stored on the global scale.

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The international companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo are able to forecast many more things about our behavior, maybe some curious and also done without individual content.

Moreover, we have touch with a new wave of networking technologies that is ‘Web 3.0’ it helps us eradicate problems related to concentration. The new ecosystem promises us to give up the power of internet users.

But its core substance peer to peer modules system like blockchain, that shelter users data and as well as one’s internet personality. The new blockchain system of Web 3.0 controlled by the today’s marketer with handling data scale.

Final Stage

Web 2.0 was the earlier 2000’s networking system that submits to the modern networking. Moreover, with the great modern networking system protocols now become possible to allow a trustless peer to peer transactions with the domain, which were primarily thought unthinkable.


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