You know you’re in worry when your only hope for solidity is something as famously unstable as the cryptocurrency. And Yes, this time Venezuela arrives to be very much in trouble.

According to the Blomberg, President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro declared on Friday that he intended to link a new national currency. The cryptocurrency of its own government making called the Petro.

This is the first time the government trying its economic adventures so its closely any kind of digital currency, and also suggests a possible exit path for the country wasted by hyperinflation.

That is, it would suggest an exit path through the plan had any hope of turning the country’s sloppy economic situation around.

Alternatively, the act depreciates the bolivar by around 96 percent as it takes its new form whereas departing many questions about Petro unanswered.

This kind of things apparently affects today.

The expert of Hyperinflation Johns Hopkins the economics professor Steve Hanke warned to CNBC that the NEM blockchain based system Petro token probably won’t be some magical cure about Venezuela’s ills.

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This is the smoke and mirrors action of Venezuela- I’ll believe it when I first time sees it, he told to the publication. The problem with the Petro is it’s really a scam, it doesn’t even the trade.

The Petro, in the meantime, is seemingly itself backed by oil, despite that too has been called the question.

In March, the managing partner Russ Dallen told “they’re setting up to the stand in front of Venezuela to sell snake oil that’s essentially backed by nothing,” people also believe it’s backed by oil but in the other word read the contract, it’s not possible.

Where you may be thinking about your future for an opportunity to score some Petro coins, the United States will have to wait.

Another side in March, the president of the United States Donald Trump banned to purchase digital currency. It arrives doubtful that the ban will change any time.

So, in epitome, the 96 percent debased Venezuelan bolivar- renamed to the sovereign bolivar- is now this time Petro cryptocurrency.

Petro, while, is a token that’s apparently backed by Venezuelan oil, yes that has been called a scam.

Yeah, it looks like a people of Venezuela are in still disturb.

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