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Uber revealed minimum rating requirement for riders

It’s long time-known that the Uber drivers who decrease star rating and face getting kicked off the platform, and now this time hazard will extend to riders.

As a companies update on community guidelines, a minimum average rating requirement for the passengers in Australia and New Zealand.

Those changes will effect Sept 19 and close to the minimum will be alerted before the decline below the requirement.

According to the rule, if riders drop below the minimum rating of 4.0, unfortunately, their account could be deactivated. The riders can reactivate their account some of the examinations like a short educational exercise.

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The company said the minimum rating drivers rides varies of the city to city. For the U.S. driver minimum 4.6 rating, whereas the Australian copies reportedly lower.

The two major areas Australia/NZ is the second country globally to roll out, and we probably think that it’s an important update to help every Uber journey pleasurable and comfortable for both riders and driver-partners.

According to the community guidelines, the lower rating including to the drinking alcohol, damaging the car and more issue take a perfect action.

Earlier, lower rating riders even 4.23 faced not getting pickup but this does not happen we’re deactivated from the system.

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