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Uber officially launches ride pass monthly subscription plans for $15

Rented car ride like Amazon Prime or Spotify Premium. Now, this generation you pay in advance for something extra, this time guaranteed cheaper rides prove if heavy traffic or bad weather situation.

Whatever the ride rates it comes too low, Uber is releasing an offer for monthly subscription service that called ‘Ride Pass’ and the company promise to give a discount on rides with money protection.

On Tuesday, in Austin, Orlando, Denver and Miami already started. You can secure your discount price for Uber Pool, UberX and Uber Express Pool rides of monthly price $14.99. also Los Angeles price something high like #24.99 per month, but that will ultimately contain with e-bike and scooter system.

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On this discount journey Uber guesses you’ll save 15 to 20 percent of money per daily riding, also you can cancel subscription plan anytime.

You can easily check out your daily riding price report on Uber app, on Uber app left side menu hit the ‘Ride Pass” and the app will show you how much money you’ve saved each of riding after paying a monthly fee.

Previously, Lyft exposed its All-Access Pass with little auto-renews each month. But the other hand open subscription plan, Lyft feel good because 30 rides per months closely set a monthly fee, which is more expensive than the regular Uber’s pass as long as you’re a power user.

The other side, in San Francisco Ride Pass, has been available for the selected users just past month version app. But in case it’s lower power price amount like $9.99 and just for rides between two set points, as like gym to your house. Also the other rides 15 percent off pass available.

Now the pass just for available only five cities but soon it expands into the whole Uber markets.


Video Courtesy: Uber

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