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Uber drivers against the company’s upfront pricing system 

In Australia, Monday morning the Uber drivers decide that not pick any passenger because this is company’s straightforward feature.

The Lobby group RideShare Driver of United (RDSU) switch off the Uber apps time between 7:00 a.m. and 9: a.m. Another side on Monday the company protest against the decreases drivers and they said: “it already bad working condition.”

According to the RDSU, stop the ridesharing straightforward pricing demand, and get back to the system rules where the drivers are paid within authentic time and length traveled.

Following the rules of rival Lyft, Uber already launched a straightforward pricing feature in November last year on the U.S. Also Australian users got the feature in March.

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The upfront pricing evaluates the cost of a journey, in advance riders see how much price in their book before the tour.

According to the RDSU, the drivers of the upfront pricing feature, as the system doesn’t allow to take into their account for some of the reason like “unexpected traffic environment, traveler requested stop and sporadic road closures.”

The other requirement is that Uber allows drivers to add another option called UberPOOL, which already launched in Australia in March. The UberPOOL option for drivers access where a traveler shares a car with the other users, It should be paid an equal base of UberX rates plus relatively an extra like 20 percent.

Form the RDSU post “the drivers who choose to take UberPool journey should be better refunded and another way around.”

The RDSU also asked for a 15 percent UberX price rate “on account of the persistent increase in car maintenance and road cost for drivers.”

Uber has been connected for comment.


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