Twitter’s relationship with the third-party apps is dirty |

Twitter’s relationship with the third-party apps is dirty

This is the day that some of the Twitter’s most high-profile person, as well as developer, is dreadful, although it’s one they’ve long time knowing was coming: unfortunately, Twitter is finally shutting off some of the developer tools option that popular on the internet like Tweetbot and Twitterific that heavily used on the internet.

With this change many of the third-party Twitter apps will lose some of the useful data, this third-party app ability to instantly refresh users Twitter feeds and send push notifications on phone.

It won’t make these apps useless, some of the cases the apps users may not to get immediate notice of the changes but this changes for developers have ascended a public campaign against the all over the decision.

Now, This time Twitter at least deliberation in on the changes, after months of publicly wanting to comment on third-party Twitter clients. The verdict, expectedly, is complicated.

The company is stubborn that its goal isn’t to single out these developers. Also, the company is reserved these APIs out of requirement, it says, as it’s no longer time support them.

The Lan Claims group manager of Twitter says “we are sunsetting too very old, heritage software that we don’t have an ability to keep supporting for any kind of practical reasons.”

At the same moment, the company also made an attentive decision not to create new APIs with the same practicality.

Here’s is how Twitter’s senior director of product manager Rob Johnson explained via email.

Some of these developers through what they are more trouble about isn’t the loss of the APIs, but what the present change, it’s the latest sign of the Twitter is ready to take a more active role in depressing people from the alternative third-party Twitter apps in the first place.

The developer of Talon Luke Klinker says, “In this issue with these changes is that they mark a shift in Twitter’s mindset with around accessing third-party apps of the first illegal item to attempt to weaken their market share.”

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Simultaneously, Twitter says that the goal of the company’s users “the best Twitter experience” noting more recent appendixes, like Periscope and Moments, isn’t supported in the third-party apps zone.

Johnson wrote a blog post “today we can feel that we can provide Twitter best experience through our operated Twitter app for iOS and Android device, also the desktop and mobile”

This kind of back of forwarding isn’t new. Twitter has a long and sometimes it has a sloppy relationship, with the third-party clients.

Previously the services, the only option for Twitter iPhones apps were from third-parties, which is the make them too popular on the internet.

The first official Twitter apps released in 2010, some of the feature that credited with creating and now this iconic features of the Twitter-like mute button. While the popular word “tweet” was coined by Twitterific before Twitter accepted the term.

But now Twitter matured, and it has own apps, the company changed its posture.

In 2010, the company told to the Twitter developers never build any Twitter clients, and in 2012 it compulsory API limitations meant to dissuade them more actively.

Now the biggest majority of Twitter users access through Twitter’s own apps and website. But the other word third-party apps stay popular with many power users.

Ged Maheux co-founder of Iconfactory says that “the third-party apps have to go for them and will continue to have to go for them, the all of the things that Twitter doesn’t do and does poorly.”

Not to the promoting side of your tweet, no other people’s like in the timelines, all the other word Twitter added don’t jumble your timeline on third-party apps.

This is also really practical fact that Twitter doesn’t have a great experience with Mac. Unfortunately, Twitter’s official Mac app is dead, and TweetDeck’s app hasn’t been updated after 2015.

Patrick Traughber the Twitter senior product manager says now the company invest in TweetDeck, together with the core Twitter apps.

Claims say “we’re very dedicated to investing in our developer ecosystem and our developer APIs that can help them to build new interesting things for this world.”

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