Twitter testing a news-timeline feature like Facebook |

Twitter testing a news-timeline feature

The Social networking platform Twitter is now testing a new feature on Android that puts to users stories at the top of the timeline to easily help users to recognize what is happening around the world.

On Tuesday Twitter Product Manager Wally Gurzyski says on Mashable “the new Twitter update will change many more things and people easily see news and stories of their followers by discussing their timeline.”

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Previously, 2015 to 2016 Twitter released “wherever you were away” and “Never miss an important tweet” features, but, that time the company isn’t individually highlighting news stories feature.

Moreover, the feature just focusing on interesting and popular tweets on news stories from the news agencies and organization.

According to the report, the highlight test feature is now a development condition and aimed at specific conversations to release an event. Probably the feature-test roll-out for iOS users and final release date totally unclear.

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