Twitter has continuously purified more than 10,000 bot accounts for approaches discouraging voting.

According to the report from Reuters, Twitter automatically posting “misleading” message about voting account removed in September and October.

This kind of accounts vision to sharing misleading information that coming from Democrats, besides of that the accounts were reported to the Twitter by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is the most many organizations besides of that has partnered with Twitter on election campaigns.

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The other hand, in a statement a Twitter spokesperson said there had been removed some of the accounts.

Also, the spokesperson said, “this year for the elections we have confirmed the open line of communication and easy escalation paths directly for the state election. Another side DHS and campaign organizations from both of same major parties.”

The Twitter says our singular aim to enforce our policies energetically and protect conversational health on our service. We also removed a bunch of sincere accounts that engaging too many people to share disinformation with an automated fashion- that infringement of our policies. We just stopped this quickly.

Twitter standard 10,000 accounts removed isn’t a huge amount. According to the reports, the company focus on their bots to finding spams over the internet, as well as it has removed 1 million accounts per day. But Twitter is taking responsibilities of misinformation reports in the U.S. midterm elections for better performance than previously.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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