Twitter inform to users for bug issue by direct message |

Twitter inform to users for bug issue by direct message

According to the Twitter, the user’s privacy like direct messages to the third-party developers, who are not permitted to receive them.

On Friday the social media giant began warning to the users of the possible revelation with a message in the app.

According to the report, “The issue has continued since May 2017, we resolved it immediately up disclosing it.

A Mashable reported posted on Twitter that our investigation into the issue in continuous, but now this time we have no reason to believe that any kind of data sent to unofficial developers was abused.

The TechCrunch spokesperson tole that it’s highly improbable that any information was sent to the incorrect developers at all moment, but in case of informative users out of a quantity of caution.

The company said in a notice that only sent to branded accounts for example airlines or delivery services may be affected. In another blog post, Twitter said that its research has confirmed, only one set of technical environment where this issue could have happened.

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The bug was identified on September 10, but almost took two later inform users.

The report said, “if you have any issue regarding your account for a bug, we will immediately contact you through an in-app notice and on

Twitter said that the bug pretentious less than 1 percent of Twitter users. The other word the company had 335 million users as of its latest analytic release.

This year it’s the second data-related bug issue. In May Twitter said that incorrectly logged users password in plaintext in an internal log, that used by the Twitter employee. The company asked users to change their password.

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