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Turkey is boycotting iPhones, but it’s painful for Turkey more than Apple

Today the turkey president Tayyip Erdogan published that the country would boycott all of the electronic devices from the United States, the reason for Donald Trump smacked new traffics on the region that generated the Turkish currency to hit an all-time low.

In this statement, especially targeted at Apple, the among trade rising tensions between the two countries, but it will hardly touch the tech giant.

Erdogan said that “If they have iPhone the competitor beside Samsung, we have Vestel Venus is our country,” a Turkey-based smartphone maker during the announcement to members of his national stable Justice and Development Party.

Turkey is boycotting iPhones, but it’s painful for Turkey more than Apple I roboticplanet.co

Now together with our people, we will stand absolutely against the dollar, forex prices, obviously enlargement and interest rates. We will protect our economic independence by existence tight-knit together.

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The main problem with the Turkey president Erdogan’s new strategy is that it will have much greater accomplish on the Turkish people than any kind of U.S. company. Another side Turkey expects on Apple more than Apple depends on Turkey.

Last December, only 2.08 percent of Turkey smartphone users enjoy a Vestel, whereas 17.41 percent use Apple iPhones.

That means last year 41.09 million projected smartphone user available in Turkey, Apple user 7.15 million, which is only 1.02 percent of the stable estimate of more than 700 million iPhone users able in this world.

In this scenario, there are more than 8.5 times more iPhone users available worldwide than in Turkey.

The U.S. brand and Chinese brand comprehend Apple’s two biggest markets, so I think this would be a much bigger deal for both of Apple and America, though this electronic brand came to form China, Of course, the U.S. is also conflicting with over trade, so it’s not outside the province of probability.

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