The social networking platform Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th and eliminate porn-related all of community that used from last year on its platform.

Also, the company ban sexual content and nudity images, the new announcement of the policy the company was removed Apple’s iOS App Store that the incident about child pornography.

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On Monday, Tumblr released a blog post and strictly said: “Adult content will no longer be allowed here.”

The banned content probably photos, videos, and GIF of human genital organ, female pressing nipples and many more that involving with sex acts.

The exception includes with nude status and political protests that the feature of nakedness. The guidelines of the platform permitted for illustration and art feature of nakedness still okay but sex acts isn’t accepted with breastfeeding and after-birth type of photos.

Beside of that the platform also said those kinds of nudity content deleted by algorithms after December 17th. So, now Tumblr is emailing to the users who are posted adult content on their profile and warn them soon their content hidden from public view.

Basically, porn content will be posted for privately, which will preclude them from begin reblogged or shared in the Tumblr community.

The Tumblr users have a chance to appeal Tumblr’s conclusion in a situation where they really think there’s been a mistake, and Tumblr accepts there’s a chance that mechanical tools it’s using could make errors.

In the process is take a while, as well as a bulk of Tumblr posts definite the content. Users who just run the adult blog on Tumblr, they can definite their content before changing to save position.

The Social Networking platform was founded in 2007, it has mostly turned a blind eye to the adult content. But now the company shield it from the public, it moves to Safe Mode and many more rigorous search filters.

In recent months when the company under the ownership of Verizon’s Oath unit, it’s curious to remove adult content more aggressively.

According to Jeff D’Onfrio, “ we’ve given serious matter whom we want to be our community moving  forward,” also said, “we’ve realized the matter and fulfill our promise as soon possible, and maintain a proper culture in perfect place, particularly, we must change.”

Tumblr weighted for pros and cons entirely before making its conclusion. It also decides not to remove the exact account because the platform it wanted to give another chance to post suitable content inside of their accounts.

The other hand, Tumblr has been cleaning up its platform speedily than it had already in earlier years. In August, Tumblr also declared new community guidelines that banned porn, exalted school shootings and also hate speech.

If the users regret to loss about their adult content on Tumblr, D’Onofrio declares they many of solutions. “possibly there are no deficiency of sites on the internet that feature about adult content.

Also, he said, “We will exit it to them and focus to our work on creating a wonderful atmosphere that possible for our community.”

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