Apple has all in all over the world, but as the calamitous Planet of the Apps proved, money is no alternate for good feeling.

The reality show in 2017 from the market for your most famous $1,449 phone faveolate app developers against the each of the other approval of their celebrity ringmasters, and of course many of the popular shows related to Sex, profanity, drugs and with violence.

That arrives to have been very famous CEO, Tim Cook. Who just clear to the Wall Street Journal reports and discover Apple should be wholesome affairs.

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In this case, it’s a very vital point, which was the Apple’s first scripted performance. Also, Cook has turned off show’s portrayal of sex and drug, as a result, he just killed the series. We’re not too sure that the news is real or not, the other side the thought of Dr. Dre would be free drugs and sex, the Wall Street Journal report.

Make sure the Apple CEO must protect the Apple brand throughout the programming.

According to the Journal report, “Apple’s thinking clearly, it says to the agents and producers, that the company wants to show high-quality starts with board appeal, but it doesn’t want unnecessary sex, profanity or violence.”

Surely, this put its ability shows at odds with hits like Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale and  Game of Thrones.

The Wall Street Journal told me, what does the Cook like? On Friday Night Lights with Madame Secretary, people really confused about it.

This is not to everyone right about their decision, and when it comes to what makes us good, it would appear that Tim Cook most absolutely has the one eyeless spot.

Moreover, next time you just turn on an Apple produced show, to find your mind extreme position, you’ll know who is deserve to thank you.

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