Millions of data like password, GPS locations, and most important financial records are unsecured and also yours could be one of them.

According to Appthority researchers report mobile security firm like Android and iOS both of devices firebase database to store their user’s data, for the universe. The popular cloud-based platform Firebase work for mobile and web applications, in 2014 the company attained by Google. So it’s top Android developers base real users based company.

Mobile security researchers found

According to their reports, over 2.7 million mobile apps on both side Android and iOS looked by Appthority. Researchers found that 27,227 Android apps and 1,275 iOS apps storing in their Firebase apps database systems. Exactly 3,046 of these apps saved data within 2,271 unlocked database system that anyone could access. Out of those apps storing this database openly for anyone can see, also 2,446 are on Android and 600 are remaining for iOS applications.

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So, literally store in plain sight here for the world to see, among of those exposed applications that leaked 2.6 millions users of data like ID and passwords in plain text, also 50 thousand apps financial transactions records, 25 million stored GPS location records, and more than 4.5 million social media platform users data. Other 4 million PHI data leaked with private chat and prescription records.

While over 100 million individual records spanning of over 113 gigabytes of data involved in the breach. The affected Android apps were downloaded 620 million times form the Google Play store.

It’s easy for anyone access to this personal data. The vulnerableFirebase aren’t protected by the firewalls or authentication systems. A hacker would simply attack anyone database, actually the database system insecure.

The company’s researcher contacted Google before releasing this report, they say they have to provide to Google and send a report regarding all of the unsecured Android apps, besides the apps developers. Although, the list of the vulnerable apps have not been released in public, include apps in categories ranging from messaging to finance of the health and travel. The affected apps behind creators are located in the whole world including the companies apps.

Moreover, the company’s incident countless to prove and identify who store our most private and personal data.

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