The first half of 2018 is ended, and that the main thing iPhone doesn’t respond.

The latest report, finally Apple will ditch the USB-A standard charger that’s including with every iPhone for one with USB-C.

This year iPhones comes with USB-C fast charger in the box |

The year’s new iPhones might come with an 18-watt charger that includes with USB-C port, the news comes from Japanese fan blog which makes the total report regarding the USB-C port.

Similarly, still, iPhones will have a lightning port that highly unlike to Apple’s swap it out for USB-C. Portable, USB-C charger comes with the new lighting USB-C cable in the box.

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Another thing that MacBook and MacBook Pro owner can use USB-C cable with their laptop without buying any kind of separate cable.

That’s the big socking deal.

Another advantage for the traveler, anyone can travel without carrying a spate power brick if your other devices supported USB-C cables.

And finally, that’s the big deal ever for Apple user who uses iPhone with 18-watt charger, it’s more powerful enough for fast charging devices, compared to the current charger of iPhone is only for 5-watts.

The fast charging function is really handy and meaningfully cut down the charging time especially when your iPhone critical condition for low power.

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