Siri getting a major update in the iOS 12. Apple still added a new powerful tool to provide better quality service including the voice assistant.

Siri shortcut working perfectly via Apple devices, the feature will take time to a little bit of work, but it should easier to use Siri with all of the apps.

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It’s an important update for Apple. Because of that lack of time, Siri wasn’t working properly due to the major update.

Now its show like the biggest assistant in the world and the Siri shortcut gives users a level of customization, but it hasn’t been possible until now.

How it works

At a basic level Siri working any tasks your performance level each and every day using any apps. It can be one step actions like that ordering for a coffee or working in a multi-step process involving the serval different apps.

One step example, using Kayak app you can access on a particular hotel reservation info on you’re Apple devices. If you need for lunch info than use the new addition to Siri functionality feature.

Once you have added to Siri in your phones then record a shortcut- you want to use Siri command to trigger in the action (in the example of Kayak, “it was travel plans”).

Once enable it then Siri directly show you the travel plans without launching Kayak apps.

The power of Shortcut

This shortcut can much more powerful. If you’ve used the Workflow app then you can easily determine the ideas, it’s a chain to make multiple apps together into one and single process.

Last year the automation app of the Apple, it’s a very similar look of Workflow, it’s not part of the any of initial developer beta to the earlier testers. We got all of the Siri Shortcut apps.

Workflow’s shortcuts you can easily customize drag and drop interface to create a very specific trigger.

For example, you could set up the shortcut for your daily directions wise send a text message and adjust your thermostat, just telling to Siri “I’m going home” and it starts your playing radio station.

The huge level of flexibility compared to the Siri integration third party app iOS 11. Moreover used some of the specific types of handful apps, the shortcut will make it easy and helpful for the user to access any apps using Siri assistant.

Siri Suggestion

Creating some of the shortcuts via the app is the most powerful way to make it a new feature, but it also requires a bit of the workstation, which is something can everyone will take a time to manage it.

Even if don’t go through the manual way to creating your own shortcuts, you’ll get benefit from the feature on Siri Suggestions.

Siri assistant can get automates common tasks you do to the inside of the apps suggestions list without trouble to launch the app.

But if you can ask Siri, it will show suggestion, and it takes action right on your lock screen based on your behavior to the apps.

Another example, If you sincere about health and using the meditation after waking up. Or turn on your phone on Do Not Disturb mode while at the theatre. Fortunately, iOS 12 will be able to send notifications to your notification panel.

Moreover used Shortcuts app or just reply to Siri new suggestion features, Apple’s assistant should make your life easier a little bit in iOS 12.


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