Mesh routers goal to improve on traditional multiple access point that can help you to access anywhere in your room like the blanket to a whole room.

The tech brands have been fired up about the networking technology that increases network speed and 2018 consumer have a widely choose perfect networking product. Now this time Samsung is joining this technology party.

Samsung is launching smart WiFi, a fresh new mesh network system that can feel like a double Smart Hub.

This time, moreover, Samsung isn’t only one, the company did with Connect Home router system, alternatively, the Korean technology giant is focusing on the hardware and working something creative for the AI-based WiFi control.

Today the SmartThings WiFi launching countrywide as a three-pack for $279, the three-node system supported up to 4,500  square feet and a single access point for $199.99.whereas the single node should be fine for smaller specification up to 1,500 square feet.

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From a networking viewpoint, Samsung has its dodges in a row. All the variant of access points can act as the primary base station, which is totally different from another smart WiFi like Google WiFi or Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi, in a design section both are related and the primary base system likely a large amount of size than the “satellite” nodes.

The SmartThings WiFi system each node can broadcast dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with MU-MIMO tech. That’s some cool modern wireless tech by if you look closely at the specification, this isn’t pretty “gigabit” WiFi.

In this system comes with 802.11ac AC1300 standard WiFi that means maximum download and upload speed massive like 866Mbps on 5GHz and 400Mbps on 2.4GHz.

Naturally, Samsung provides the hardware inside, whereas Plume offers its “adaptive WiFi” control system. The adaptive WiFi system that can manage the whole network and optimize the network connection for each device.

A user simply configures the system via the SmartThings app or the Plume app. The Plume pods need for a subscription for adaptive WiFi, but the other side SmartThings WiFi users gets a free adaptive WiFi for the lifetime of the product.

There is also Bluetooth 4.1 feature available on this router, ZigBee and Z-Wave connectivity to the onboard that giving some of the serious smart home capabilities of the network zone.

Samsung is locating SmartThing as its primary smart home play and consumers can control compatible devices, like lighting, door locks and more by the same app.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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