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The CES 2019 electronic shows revealed much more things

The CES 2019 is the world’s biggest consumers electronics show that also finished on 8 January in Las Vegas, US. Here is the time to express another gadgets feast for consumers.

Faster internet services and foldable phones

The telecommunication companies across the world prepare for the 5G technology and the CES will provide the first look with some of the gadgets and faster internet speeds.

President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon just confirmed in December 2018 that the Android vendor is now working on 5G technologies smartphones. Some of the phone manufacturers like Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus have already decided to release 5G phones in 2019.

Last year some companies phones sales pretty slowdown throughout the world, and now the smartphone manufacturer looking to the new concepts that come with advanced technology, which is best for consumers. Now smartphone trending market on going to foldable display phones which comes with multiple camera and advanced factors.

As well as Samsung will be releasing a foldable phone this year and other companies like Huawei, LG and Lenovo have also got their flexible phones.

The HMD Global’s Nokia 9 PureView is also expected to announce the first smartphone with five rear cameras. While previous week the image of Nokia smartphone with five cameras on the backside were leaked.

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Smart Homes Technology

The year 2019 will see the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT) smart speakers. Beside of Amazon Echo Dot, Samsung is also expected to release Galaxy Home Speakers with more affordable price variant to breaking the Google and Amazon monopoly segment.

The other hand the companies also provide The Samsung Bixby assistant that also running as an alternative ecosystem via IoT technology. Also, the CES  2019 will see squander in headphones with built-in digital assistant.

Driverless cars with Ai technology

The CES 2019 electronic shows revealed much more things
Image Courtesy: livemint

The autonomous cars with an advanced AI system will be the trend in this year. As well as another car’s manufacturer Audi is expected to expose the AI system base autonomous cars.

The autonomous cars and infotainment system will be worked on stationary and getting charged. Another side BMW is continuously going to introduce an artificial intelligence powered on virtual assistant cars.

Another car manufacturer Nissan is also expected to showcase it’s new electric racing cars and input the new Intelligent Mobility System with advanced driver assistant cars.

Artificial Intelligence based Robot

The CES 2019 electronic shows revealed much more things
Image Courtesy: livemint

LG is exposed to the next generation wearable CLOi SuitBOt, which is easily magnified a user’s muscle power and reduce the risk of injury.

The updated version of gadgets will have a more advanced autonomous navigation system and maintain the connectivity, that also allows the communication with elevators and automatic doors.

Another side the Japanese company Groove X is planning to expose a user-friendly robot Lovot, which also built-in retractile wheels and cooperate with users voice and hand movements.

Generation of 8K TV

The 8K resolution TV is the highest benchmark in the TV industry. Wherever, Samsung was the first company to offer 8K resolution TV, besides that LG has confirmed to its plans of 88-inch OLED TV and 75-inch LED TV with 8k resolution. As well it will also support with HDMI 2.1 standard.

The other hand Sony is continuously planning to expose 8K TVs at the event. Moreover, the majority of limitation options such as 8K will continue to fill in a limited segment.


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