What in the fresh hell is ongoing Tesla?

The enormous Tesla Gigafactory distance about 10 miles due west of Reno. In 2014, the construction started on and now almost 5 million square foot building, with the amazing goal of creation, on a huge scale, but the batteries needed to power the company’s electric cars.

But in case newly released summary of SEC complaint is to believe, that’s not to all going inside those walls.

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The law firm Meissner Associates comprises complaints made by a former Gidagactor employee that can run the gauntlet from “unauthorized wiretapping and hacking,” if it possible “narcotic trafficking’ with a little $37 million hard theft thrown for the good portion.

It’s delightful wild.

The employee’s question about the Karl Hansen, whom Messner Associates is representing and honestly says to used work in Tesla’s “internal security department and also its investigation division.” Hansen accounted filed a complaint with the SEC about what the apparently witnessed whereas working at Tesla, and his law firm was kind of enough for us.

We reached out of the Tesla for comment about these, honestly, buck-wild claims, but is received no reaction as of press time.

If there are is any reality to them¬, something we do not know at this time matter, after that Elon Musk CEO of Tesla is going to have a lot of more tweet on the Twitter.

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