The online music streaming giant Spotify just adds top streaming market artists like Adele, Diplo, Metalica, Radiohead, Harry Styles, New Order, Bruno Mars, Madonna with among other and that artists are most popular over the world and trending with the multinational city’s nearly 22 million citizens.

Mexico City became the first ever Latin American market in 2013 that popularity with Spotify.

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Beside of that Spotify says the Mexico city increasing gravitational pull just for artists, and the artist was especially for the annual  Corona Capital music festival which took place last weekend.

This year artists performed at the festival including Robbie Williams, Imagine Dragons and The Chemical Brothers and successfully 995,940,332,851 and 17,190 monthly active listeners severally in Mexico City.

Spotify also touches with Pixies Band and as a case study for a band that has been a target to the Mexico city as live for music stream, around 145,995 monthly Spotify listeners active and it’s a number of growing listeners daily bases through the report a Spotify data.

Just one week in Mexico before the serious of performance in the Mexico city the band’s streams spiked 346% and another side last weekend the group played 100,000 in Zocalo, central Mexico City’s main square.

Moreover, according to Spotify, Gorillaz have 434,023 monthly Spotify listeners just for Mexico City, another side the Beatles have 506,714 and a recent release of the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, there are also much popular like 1.2m monthly Queen listeners in the city.

Today, Spotify said in a statement, “the city has improved into most refined digital music markets in the last five years, and we don’t see the music attraction slowing down anytime.”


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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