Spotify could reveal in India on January 31 |

Spotify could reveal in India on January 31

The online music streaming is much popular in India besides of oldest method like CDs and online albums.

Moreover, the affordability of mobile data using for online music streaming is possible to use such kinds of premium music streaming services, with a reasonable monthly charge you can access a huge library of music.

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One of the music streaming giant Spotify, which could be ultimately launched in India besides its competitor Amazon Prime Music, Ganna, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Saavn and others.

According to the report from Variety Spotify could be released in India on January 31. It just joining the dead with T-Series, which is one of the largest record levels in India.

Earlier this week Spotify could determine the meaningful catalog of music to the Indian users. The Spotify does have the existing deal with the different place with various record labels and as well the content available to widely.

At the moment Spotify is presently in 78 countries globally, and around 200 million active users on the platforms, approximately 87 million active premium users.

In India, in front of Spotify, a bunch of online streaming companies are available like Google Play Music, Gaana, Saavn and also Amazon Prime Music and more.

According to the research, Spotify has much demand on its premium pricing in India and how the company can compromise the non-paying users with its segment? because the majority of Indian needs Spotify music.


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