Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ3 supports Open Device program |
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Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ3 now supports Open Device program

The Sony Mobile may not make as long as like OEMs like Samsung, but surprisingly they have worked with the open source community little bit. In case of the Android community, we have seen a bunch number of the way with the community Open Devices Program that one of their popular contributions.

Besides that Sony ends up adding a number of their devices to this program which really helps to boost the developer community support.

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Sony officially announces this week the company adding the Xperia XZ2 and the Xperia XZ3 program.

For those kinds of consumer who are unmindful of the Sony Open Devices program, the company is using to give back to the open source community.

Unhappily, we don’t see new Sony smartphone added with the program, but one time that does then get selected are provided with vanilla Android Open Source Project device that configurations on GitHub.

Some of the devices, all it is takes the open source code for the kernel and that out of the community developer support. This is really helpful but that isn’t all the work goes into creating a custom ROM.

The Sony’s Open Devices program, the company offers the AOSP code for the selected devices and publishes them on GitHub.

The Sony new edition Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ3 come with the build guides (for both kernel compilation and AOSP build) and the other resources, with how to access UART ports.

Not only make this custom ROMs better for those devices but another side it also gives Sony tool to verify submission form for the developer community who are really wanting to contribute as well.

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