The messaging app Snapchat today announced that after months of work, the social messaging app will start to rolling out a brand new version of its Android app. In an attempt to squash bugs and easily improve compatibility and as faster as general.

The older one as simple but the new one has been working since 2018 in an attempt to make the Android version of Snapchat and also iOS version. Instantly after install as usually from the Play Store and users should notice that less trouble, much faster experience.

According to the Android Authority, the Snapchat to clarify why this radical rewrite was done. Honestly, Snapchat didn’t know about the issues with its Android app, but when the company found out, it became clear for the full review.

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Evidently, the modification of how the camera is processed from an Android device to an Android device that was one of many barricades developers faced.

Furthermore, the Snapchat clearly mention that it is now using a much wider variety of devices to test its app. Also, the developer says that “the Snapchat goal was people shouldn’t really notice that the app is completely changed up from its older edition and now it except everything should be faster.”

Snapchat wishes this Android rewrite will help to grow with its iOS performance and features. The company believes that the rewrite will put a good amount of rating. Besides that Engadget also notice that the new platform fabulous and it sill iOS only.


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