Snapchat get its own version than Instagram’s app |

Snapchat get its own version than Instagram’s app

Sanpchat may soon too borrowing from the feature of Instagram.

Recently the current version of testing video feature Boomerangs the apps community. The name of the feature “bounce”, the app in a beta tested version. Unfortunately, it’s not available publically yet.

The Snapchat already make a loop video and add the feature a year ago, but it doesn’t support Boomerang like effects.

Boomerang makes the looping effect when playing the clips and use forward and backward.

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The new Boomerang feature make an Instagram app like the cool effect. It’s the tool of video playback side, it uses the slider, portion of the video to “bounce” and mostly backward and forward loop.

The spokesperson of the Snapchat about the testing apps with its bounce feature for some users, but didn’t sure about the launch more widely.

When the feature publically launches, it would be very interested roles to the user’s mind. Instagram has also copping feature form Snapchat and constantly sill working now.

Moreover, Snapchat ready to complete the setup from Facebook. The company successfully launched Snap Kit developer platform, which can perform the accuracy work on the project and some offer to the Facebook developers feature.

The company has provided many of the things through Snapchat, the developer of Facebook like to ability to log in similar apps with Snapchat, but make sure depend on privacy.


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