Snapchat and Amazon will start the team in a shopping app |

Snapchat and Amazon will start the team in a shopping app

When you think about Snapchat, you likely think of face shapes and dancing dogs. But you might be no a new reason for the messaging app that called Shopping.

A Snapchat developer strongly suggests that Snapchat reading a new feature that will also help to shop, users always focus on Amazon’s best deal, but Snapchat also here for the best deal.

TechCrunch first reported to this feature is called “Camera Search” in the app’s code. This code using text and its sound like camera search that would function to the likewise app’s of current Shazam Integration.

The app’s code relatedly reads a snippet when “press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode and many more.” The search feature would come from Amazon surface links. Also, it reported that if you look at the product pages and reviews after you scan an item with the camera.

Also the idea likely to Pinterest’s Lens feature, which lets you shop for any item by clicking pics with its in-app camera. Similarly, Google also has a feature called “Lens” its works by pointing your camera at various types of objects.

A spokesperson denied to comment, but surprisingly the fact that the text you can find with Snapchat’s Android app, at least the company testing the technology.

Apart from that, a visual search would be a natural next step for the self-styled camera company. The app already builds some search feature like song identifying abilities, Shazam with the product for a long time in a partnership.

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Last two-year Snap has made various things and now open searchable feature. This is the opened up stories to make publically-submitted and it also easier to find throughout the app for users. The app also added context cards that can recognition to information about businesses and restaurants that will appear in snaps screen.

But the partnership with Amazon could be especially profitable for this company. Nearly 200 million users can start shopping on the snap app, Snap could produce some serious cash through affiliate deals.

In Amazon Camera Search’s isn’t limited to shopping. The code suggested for sharing the date with unspecified “other partner.” The reference or other companies that have signed on to Snapchat’s on the Snap kit developer platform or even the other capabilities retailers.

Moreover, Snap move into the shopping zone that an important distinguisher from its competitors- just when the company’s necessary most. While last month Instagram announced it’s over the 1 billion users, but the Snapchat growth slowly compares to other social network platforms. The last earnings call, Snap said that redesigned had some of its advertisers.

But shopping isn’t the only goal of Snap, it’s looking for win back users and Wall Street. The company also relatedly working on a gaming platform, which could also fuel renewed the engagement and its also increase the revenue of this company.


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