Sheryl Sandberg Said “It’s hard for people knowing about the Facebook matter” |

Sheryl Sandberg Said “It’s hard for people knowing about the Facebook matter”

According to Sheryl Sandberg before build up your new business at first learn from Facebook’s recent failures.

On Friday, on an MIT commencement ceremony speaking, Facebook’s COO spoke about the company recent straggling news and it hard to listen to every user, this very painful mistakes never come again in future.

Sheryl didn’t mention any kind of Facebook issue, which one breaks down users mind like privacy and fake news. Also, she supports the social network role and its great feature.

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She said that the “Today anyone can access internet connection with a delightful mind, a single image or a single sentence makes a man too popular, the extraordinary power provide Facebook and its discovery tools.

But also harmful to those who bad minded about this company”.

“When everyone has a voice to speak, some of the raises their voice disgust. When everyone can arrange, some organize against the value. When everyone can share with all of you, some share lies.”

Sandberg’s comes to MIT when Facebook struggling with their issues. After few months of trying at least break down the Cambridge Analytica disarray, millions of Facebook users data provided to the USA election and the data linked to Donald Trump, in the last week the company hits privacy scandal.

Sandberg’s speech the Facebook admire a “bug”, it can change 14 million users default privacy setting.

And the executives face many of complicated question over the partnership with a phone and the tablet makers, including the Chinese brands that have been level of the official U.S. security threat.

Probably, Sandberg didn’t touch any of these of issues about the social network company, but she struck to the Mark Zuckerberg recent weeks speech, the company didn’t admit these type of issues.

Also, she said, “We didn’t see any upcoming risk on Facebook, and we didn’t do to stop them”.

It’s really painful when we are missing something – when you make a mistake form your belief power, it really hard to adjust this situation very lightly.  It’s also hard for people who are following your tools from the last few years.”

In the Sandberg’s appearance that it’s not like a message to involve everyone in an attendance through slogan or group called “Freedom from Facebook” bought a full pages newspaper and breakup to Facebook from the MIT’s student.

She also encourages the generation of 2018, shares your thought that can help to grow their technology discovery and take care of responsibility.

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