Your phone’s camera roll like a window into your life- where you’ve been shown your friends and either or not to you have clicked for the penic picture, and if dispersal of claims on the Reddit to believe, that windows may have been blown open screen.

A few of Redditors are demanding that their Samsung smartphone like Galaxy S9+, it sent photos from their camera roll to another person without their own knowledge. Though the nightmare strategy has to be confirmed, you’d better trust Samsung looking into it.

Samsung spokesperson told “we conscious of the report regarding this matter and our technical team looking into it,” the customer encourage to contact directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

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Even there aren’t too many of these unconfirmed claims, that doesn’t make the stories less lightly.

One Redditor post that “last night around 2.30 a.m. my phone sent the photo from the gallery over the text but hopefully there wasn’t no record of my messaging app.”

Further, they expected terrified responses, besides a few other people chimed into the similar experience.

Strangely my wife’s phone did work last night, and its very well before night, one reply that conjured as to the cause of the unconfirmed bug. Surprisingly when her phone texted from her gallery at that time it didn’t show up on her end.

This is another part of the Redditors to describe, it’s an enormous cheat on someone’s part.

So take care your camera app for some serious potential future headache, deleting anything which questionable when you’re using it. It means a few beach photos aimlessly sent to your boss with your command at 3.00 a.m. but all you know about what is worst.


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