Samsung Electronic Co. touches the premium model in the next year, now the company preparing to its first ability 5G-capable smartphone with a cheaper flagship model, the model has foldable-screen to compete with Apple device and same as Chinese devices, Samsung consumer also excited for the news.

The South Korea-based company Samsung talk to Verizon Communication for launch Galaxy S10 in the US with an amazing fifth-generation wireless chipset. The products not to recognize because it’s still under development.

The goal of the company secure support for users and build trusted popularity technology, the 5G network can transfer dozens of data faster compare to another network.

The people said, probably new Samsung S10 comes with an embedded fingerprint sensor under the display because long-years challenges the company produce a mass production.

Now, this the worlds trusted biggest phone maker will launch three version of the flagship model, with a reasonable version of the widest range of consumers.

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Although, Samsung already provide “A” cheaper models, the share of the company Apple concern over Chinese opponents such as Oppo and Huawei Technology Co. with the continuing situation the win customers offering a premium model with a lower price range.

The company also the perfect development of a flexible device that is expected to control a niche market with the capability to grow.

According to the Cliff Maldonado an analyst at BayStreet research in San Francisco, if you really confuse about how Samsung can discriminate itself and battle in the market, actually it’s power of hardware,” that’s strength of the company to make foldable phone about placement and branding.”

The people said, the feature of S10 OLED screen with curved both of sides, like round shape corner and approximately no bezel at the bottom and top. The size of the model same on current S9 5.8-inch.

Also, the S10 model has triple cameras on the backside visible mode and creased under the screen, beside of that Samsung also plans for bigger plus versions for the next year.

The cheaper version of Samsung S10 lack of dual-curve “edge” screen that has been hallmark out of Samsung’s premium models since the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 and comes without fingerprint sensor under the display dependent on its prices.

While Samsung S10 is also without a headphone jack, probably it may be following Apple wireless devices ideas. Surprisingly, the S10 comes with pre-loaded Google Android Pie.

Samsung said its statement “we’re continuously growing our smartphone image to prove our customers with new and mind-blowing innovations and experiences. At this moment, we don’t share our future devices, so please stay tuned.”

The people ideology said, the foldable-screen device codename probably “Winner” that has under development for years.

The company is discussing between two protocol in the final spread: the first one horizontally and second vertically when it unfolded, though both open form side and side.

The Samsung landscape model has departed out of the favor recently with probability designers who just see portrait type and hold it with one hand when opened its display may feel narrower.

The flexible display does not hold fingerprint sensor like Samsung S10, as long as technical difficulties and unique ideas to make its flexible screens, along with it has also four-inch screen on the outside that allows to users use to some basic features like messages and email without flip it open.

The Samsung S10 screen opens with a snap like popular flip phone model Motorola Razr but it truly feels smoother.

It is covered with a film that feels when clicking some shoot instead of glass, which deals with the model that it’s not as glossy as some consumers benefit.

On the market, the prototypes of Samsung models weight more than 200 grams because of that it has much bigger screens than any other models. That means the company may have decrease battery size to make the device lighter.

Although, recently the device internally passed on its test more than 200,000 times with the threshold for strength still there is some question about yield rate in mass-production. When a product cross mass-produced then the technical issues that weren’t found in the prototype arrive.

One person said, Google and Samsung have been working on the developing field to make a special version of Android operation software for the phone, also the final interface will depend on mostly two design which the company has chosen. The second person said the company may not be able to launch it marketable until the second section.

The Bryan Ma vice president of the devices researchers at IDC said, “Samsung really hit out the market in next one, especially for Note9 and S9.” A foldable would collect boasting rights, but I wouldn’t expect it to an instant hit”

The world’s first roll-out massive market of the flexible device on South Korean Company compare to Apple and China. The manufacturers buy lighter flexible organic light-emitting screens produce by Samsung.

Next month, Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, the foldable physical model development also ongoing. The company’s engineers team with chief DJ Koh at the present event explore about the phone image, feature, and interface.

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