It’s a really positive side that Samsung S10 smartphone has major selling upcoming 2019. But not only wireless version it just comes with a new version with upgrade network.

The Samsung S10 has both Verizon Wireless and AT&T giving to Samsung extra marketing attention for their new network.

Now we are hearing new leak report that the South Korean claims both are device Samsung and LG will be comfortable with 2019 5G flagship smartphone model which showing upcoming Mobile World Conference convention.

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The 2019 conference in Barcelona will take place from February 25th to 28th, this not only lines up with earlier years but actually matches to rumor that we heard about coming Samsung S10 5G smartphone.

Last week the rumored was said Samsung Galaxy S10 would be announced on February 20th. We commonly see that the smartphone manufactures announce a smartphone a few weeks ago before it launches on the market
So, probably coming February 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 fit for its consumer.

Moreover, it’s believed that daily Samsung Galaxy S10 will not be capable of a launch. Alternatively, the different rumor suggests it will be a special edition of S10 and it will compatible with new wireless technology. Beside of that the special edition Galaxy S10 will also be inbuilt with 6 different cameras.

Now at a time, we’ve heard a lot of Samsung model that comes with 5G technology but we haven’t heard much when it comes to LG. That’s why this new report from the Korea Herald sparked our interest as it would be beneficial for Compete LG model with Samsung 5G arena with their 2019 flagship smartphone.

Wherever, the Mobile World Congress is set a scheduled at the end of February, according to the report said that both companies are aiming for March to release their 5G compatible smartphones. But in the case of LG hasn’t been doing too well in the competition department when it fronts of Samsung.

In this model boost up its selling level without any doubt, moreover, form the history LG model just launched limited model of the flagship in the company’s country but another side Samsung will be launching its model worldwide at around the same time.



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