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Own an iPhone means probably rich man

Put away that Rolex, because of that there’s an obvious expense totem on the block.

According to the June paper form the National Bureau of Economic Research the common predictors of wealth in that the main problem of the Universe, it found that owning an iPhone is strong with its capabilities and build power or at least “high-income.”

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“We evaluate culture distance between two groups to show the ability to infer a separate group based on his or her- media consumption, time to use, consumer behavior, social attitudes and so on.

Marianna Bertrand and Emir Kamenica through the paper share some interesting details like while in 1992 using Grey Poupon Dijon was 62.2% suggestive of being high income, but in 2016 fancies of mustards had been replacing by the iPhone.

Especially, the iPhone was 69.1% prognostic of being high income.

According to the researcher said that “whether someone owns an iPad in 2016 probably the man rich, whether the person is in the top or bottom income quartile 69 percent of the time” “ In 2016 overall years in our data, no separate brand is as the predictive high incoming brand as owning an Apple iPhone.”

The researcher said that what a proclivity for spreading Grey Poupon on an iPhone says about your wealth.

Also, we realize that the iPhone is expensive. 64GB iPhone X costs $999. Moreover, that means everyone who owns an iPhone is rich? Definitely not. So the point of view of Bertrand and Kamenica it’s a pretty good sign.



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