The tech giant Google has presented a number of anti-piracy products and estimates over the years, and the latest report from Google, the company has release how some of those products have been extraordinary. Initially how Google fights piracy for 2018.

According to the mountain view, YouTube has already paid $3 billion to the copyright owners throughout Content ID. That’s the video streaming platform’s system, the platform scans uploaded videos against files submitted to the database by creators and content owners.

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When it recognizes that an upload uses another person’s intellectual property, then they can earn money from it.

Content ID is perfect and it took some advantage of it demand revenue when the uploader used there IP is assumed to covered under the fair use. Also, YouTube fixed that issue and allowing channel owners to continue their earning from their video content event while they’re involved in a copyright conflict with a claimant.

The other hand the company paying $3 billion to rights holders, besides that YouTube also paid around $1.8 billion to the music industry from October 2018 to September 2018 for advertising.

According to Google, the company invested $100 million into Content ID’s development and support. Actually, it’s the part of the company’s efforts that encourage to the customers have authentic access to content, which doesn’t just only help to move revenue for creativity, but it also helps to combat piracy.

The recent report from the University of Amsterdam, piracy has been dwindling in recent year, while spends authentic content has been raise on the top.

Beside of that Google is making authentic creative and copyright holders that getting money for their work, also Google says making an effort to obstruct pirates from earning money.

Also said it has removed 3 billion URLs from the Search ever released a tool that permitted copyright owners to the report illegal websites and pages. Along with Google also rejected 10 million ads in 2017, which is suspected to infringing websites.


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