Two weeks back OnePlus 6T flagship was announced, the device has been a bunch of positive reviews. Along with that, the device has been put through a stability test by the YouTuber JerryRigh, he said everything with the device outstanding colors. Beside of that the YouTuber also release a second video where he just demolished the OnePlus 6T.

The demolished video of OnePlus 6T takes the entire teardown process when he just opened rear panel. As well as Zack Jerry has previously taken off the metal back to make it easily transparent back.

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So Zack Jerry took off transparent back side with teardown. Check out the below video of OnePlus 6T that battery performance 3700mAh is held in place with glue but don’t worry it just pretty easy to remove.

Also, the demolished video gives us first look at the OnePlus 6T model in-display fingerprint reader. The phone also shows the AMOLED display panel including a sensor that captures high-quality fingerprint reader with correct identification. As well as the sensor looks very similar besides any regular phone.

However, the video shows OnePlus 6T come with watertight seals while there is opening, also it has water-resistant build. The phone circuit board is covered to protect the electronics against deterioration. Make sure to check out the full video below.

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